Our history

Here, our story starts from here!

Maybe too far away for our days but close for my memories. Memories that sometimes vanish like fog but then return clearer than ever so as not to make us forget our origins.

Let’s start with the stories of a war experienced in surviving and rebuilding, believing in it, the light in their eyes that spoke from those faded photos even without saying anything. Poor clothes washed in the ditch breaking the ice with ashes from our wood-burning fireplaces, stories spent in front of those smoking fires and evenings dancing all together.

The hand-cut wheat is collected in leaps, transported by oxen, beaten with sticks and finally packaged. Ah, what a celebration! The mill! That white and fragrant flour that he fed the children and that bread with sourdough. Here’s the premise.

For me, which I have heard told with passion and shining eyes, it has a very deep and nostalgic meaning, so much so that it led me not to sell that land that my grandparents and parents left to me as my husband’s parents left to him. .

By bringing together these pieces of the heart, savoring every moment, immersing ourselves in what our ancestors might have experienced, the Focacceria la Dogana agriristoro a Km.0 is born. The passion for the land and memories can only bring out our dishes from the kitchen which you can savor feel and imagine.


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