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Passion, Tradition and Family in search of our roots!

Our company has a history that goes back a long way, when, perhaps fueling that desire to raise our three children with healthy, genuine and above all natural food, we came up with the idea of ​​creating a structure that guaranteed 0 km products. and high quality raw materials, entirely produced in-house.

So my husband Giovanni and I began to give life to this beautiful project and purchased a small plot of land on which there were already existing fruit-bearing olive trees. Once you have acquired the

surface we planted others until we had more than 400 olive trees at our disposal, obtaining greater production.

Immediately afterwards, a vegetable garden was built and consequently we created a reservoir for collecting rainwater, so as to be able to naturally irrigate the olive trees, and above all the vegetable garden, where we can produce vegetables appropriate for the different seasonal cycles.

Having already directly produced “low-range” animals, such as ducks, turkeys, rabbits and chickens, the attention was successfully extended to other small companies in the area, involving them in our project for the production of the missing meat, in a way to be able to have exclusively productions of the highest quality level available;

On this aspect we were very lucky as the sector in which the small local companies (Sorano, Pitigliano, Sovana and Manciano) are most specialized is precisely that of agriculture and livestock, so as to be able to bring all their products directly to the our table at Km 0.

Taking up the old cultural customs inherited from our grandparents and parents, we have carried forward this idea with great passion and determination, also trying to purchase the old land to aggregate them to obtain a company of very respectable size. In this sense, it was very important to also involve relatives and family members in our experience, so that their undisputed experience in the agricultural sector could best enhance the quality of the products to be put on the table for our customers.

In essence, the main aim of the Agriristoro Focacceria la Dogana is to remain as tied to its origins as possible, respecting those agricultural and pastoral traditions that have characterized our lives since we were children, when, growing up in this humble land, we saw the our parents put in hard work, rewarded only by the excellent quality of their products. Those sublime flavours, those enveloping smells and that joy of an ancient but serene life, is exactly what we still try to propose today; perhaps it will be an illusion, or perhaps a beautiful reality.

The illusion of being able to create a better world, which can also be achieved by giving trust to all those small or very small companies which together represent the semi-totality of local production.

These companies are the portrait of the future, open to young people and modern entrepreneurship, and represent what we believe in but above all what we fight for every day.

A future that should take a look at the past, where that ancient memory of times long gone could act as a driving force to bring man back to real dimensions, foreign to frenzy and selfishness, and therefore closer to those civil habits of collaboration and respect between people, to instill feelings of joy, tolerance and serenity.

This is us, this is our history and this is our project which, summed up in four simple words, forms

The Agriristoro Focacceria la Dogana, a name capable of giving depth and which goes far beyond simple appearances, a name that means FAMILY!

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